Everybody’s Got a Story, Kid

This is not the real Ed

We Are What We Give

On one particularly busy Friday night, Ed stayed for a while to make sure we managed all the traffic coming into the lot. After things quieted down a bit, we walked out to the sidewalk. I stood at the curb as Ed wandered idly west up Asylum Street.

We Are What We Choose

At 18, Ed was in Korea. One night, as he and his fellow GIs slept in the foxhole they’d dug, there was a concussion and a flash. Ed regained consciousness the next morning to find everyone around him dead. Dazed, confused, and very young, he started trudging through the Korean winter, having no idea of direction or destination.

Trust yourself. Question everything. Settle for nothing. Conform to as little as possible. Write relentlessly. And never quit.

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